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How We Generated 5,693 Forex Leads in 6 Months Using Meta & TikTok Ads

Our Client Faced These Issues Before.
Did You?

Experiencing regular disapprovals of Forex advertisements on platforms like Meta and TikTok due to the requirement of specific certifications for such ads. 

Facing the challenge of ad accounts being suspended, leading to a loss of accumulated data. This necessitates rebuilding campaigns from the ground up, which is a tedious and frustrating process.

The need to adapt to new ad accounts involves a learning period, during which the cost per lead may increase due to less optimized ad targeting and strategy refinement.

Smart Scalp FX
They are a German-based Forex trading company that connects traders and brokers.
The objective set by our client was to generate leads who are specifically interested in Forex trading.
Our goal is to direct traffic to their Telegram group, aiming to acquire new members at a rate of €5 per joinee.

'Triple A' Forex Leadgen System

A bulletproof strategy for running risky Forex ads on Meta and TikTok without account restrictions.

We use aged and warmed-up Business Managers (BMs) that are ideal for risky niches like Forex, casino, and gambling.
We create creative assets based on risk levels, launching them sequentially to bypass the stringent Meta review process.
When should colleagues be given access? What should be the first campaign to launch? When to create a pixel? What actions to take if an ad is rejected? We have answers for every scenario.
The Journey


We procured Business Managers (BMs), profiles, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, proxies, etc.


We warmed up all accounts with a proven process that boasts a 100% success rate.

Creative Testing

Developed and tested video ads by risk level, refining for optimal audience engagement.

Campaign Launch

Launched ads one at a time, scaling up after spending $1000 in an ad account.


With risky ads, we managed to reduce the lead cost from 13 Euros to 5 Euros, generating over 5,000 leads within six months.

Risky Ad Creatives
Developed a Creative Vault containing over 30 tried and tested trading ads that have been successfully approved by Meta.


Our Client Won
No ad account restrictions. No BM restrictions. Freedom to test
new ads. It's a great journey so far.
Reduction in
lead cost

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Hyper-Converting Landing Page Based On Proven Results
Hyper-Converting Landing Page Based On Proven Results
Hyper-Converting Landing Page Based On Proven Results
Hyper-Converting Landing Page Based On Proven Results
Hyper-Converting Landing Page Based On Proven Results

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