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Otternative Films is a film production digital marketing company that provides film production services with diverse budgets. From creating digital marketing video campaigns for our clients from different sectors, with our passion for film production, we have come a long way to develop and produce original short-form films. What started as a passion quickly blossomed into what we all know now as Otter Films.

Carlos Sánchez Arévalo
Carlos Sánchez Arévalo is the main strategist, founder and film director of Otter Films. He has almost twenty years of experience in the film industry and is known for his movies Hostile (2020), The Red Point (2011) and La última pared (2001).
Beatriz Repiso
(General Director)
Beatriz Repiso is the marketing and film Agency’s general director. She oversees the creative service and is also in charge of the digital strategy of our films. She also takes charge of raising awareness campaigns including digital promotion and social media management.

Films of Carlos Sánchez Arévalo

The Red Point
La última pared
Para Asia

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