Breaking the Mold: How we used innovative paid ad strategies that boosted lead generation for Avrio Legal - a business setup consultant in Dubai.

Breaking the Mold: How we used innovative paid ad strategies that boosted lead generation for Avrio Legal - a business setup consultant in Dubai.


The proof is in the numbers.

The Quantifiable Success of
Our Paid Advertising Efforts on Facebook & LinkedIn

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Total Leads Generated
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The law firm in Dubai had been trying to grow its business, but despite working with several marketing agencies, they just weren't seeing the increase in leads they needed. Desperate for a solution, they turned to us at Otternative Marketing.

We were determined to help them achieve their goals and set to work crafting a targeted ad campaign that would drive qualified leads to their firm. Our efforts paid off, and soon the Dubai-based law firm was seeing a steady stream of new leads.




High Cost Per Lead

Despite working with multiple marketing agencies, they were struggling to bring in new clients at a cost they could afford.


Testing, Testing

Not testing different ad formats, audiences, and placements.


Poor Bid Strategy

Not familiar with how the different platform's algorithm works.

Our client's bland "6 years, team of experts, 100% satisfaction" offer failed to impress. But then we created a "Godfather Offer" that included free coworking space, 0% corporate tax, free investor visa, no service charges, and flexiblepayment options. And the cherry on top? We even offered packages with different pricing and a free residential visa for 12 years. This offer was too good to resist and really moved the needle for the client.



Audience and Targeting
Our strategy for the firm's campaign was a multi-pronged approach. We began by zeroing in on the ideal audience for the firm's services, using specific targeting options to make sure that our ads were reaching the right people.
Retargeting Ads
We set up retargeting pixels on the law firm's website to track visitors' browsing behavior, and then using that information we delivered personalized ads to those visitors with special offers. This helped us in increasing the conversions.
Ad Creatives and Placements
Next, we focused on creating ad creatives that would grab the attention of potential clients and drive them to the firm's landing page. We placed the ads in strategic locations on Facebook and LinkedIn to maximize visibility and engagement.
Landing Page & Creatives Optimization
But our efforts didn't stop there. We also optimized the firm's landing page to improve the user experience &optimized the ad creatives to increase conversions. From creating a compelling offer to adding compelling calls-to-action, we left no stone unturned in our quest to create a seamless and effective campaign.

Collaterals Used

Attention grabbing creatives that helped us to get more leads without spending more budget.

Numbers that
confirm Results

This is the outcome of our result-oriented marketing strategies.



  • 1. How did you determine the target audience for the PPC ads?

    The target audience for the PPC ads was determined by analyzing the characteristics of the law firm's ideal clients.
    This included factors such as demographics, interests, and behaviors. The PPC campaign was then optimized to
    reach people who fit this profile and were likely to be in need of legal services.

  • 2.Can you explain the strategy used to optimize the PPC ads for lead generation and conversions?

    The strategy used to optimize the PPC ads for lead generation and conversions involved a combination of targeted
    keywords, ad copy, and landing pages. Keywords were selected based on their relevance to the law firm's services
    and the search queries of potential clients. Ad copy was written to highlight the law firm's unique value proposition
    and entice potential clients to click on the ad. The landing pages were optimized to provide a seamless and relevant
    user experience that would encourage potential clients to convert into leads.

  • 3.How did the law firm measure the success of the PPC campaign?

    The success of the PPC campaign was measured by tracking key metrics such as click-through rate (CTR),
    conversion rate, and cost per conversion. These metrics were used to determine the effectiveness of the targeted
    keywords, ad copy, and landing pages in driving high-quality leads and conversions for the law firm.


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