Generating 1177+ Qualified Red Hot Leads in 60 Days for an HVAC Company

Using our unique "HVAC Lead Gen" framework, we
helped Clesa go from €10k/month to €50k/month.

In Business, Numbers Speak
More Than Words

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Clesa Instalaciones is a HVAC company based out of Barcelona, Spain. They were solely relying on Word of Mouth to generate leads for their business.

During the peak winter season in Spain, their lead pipeline became dry. That's when Clesa realised that word of mouth lead generation is not a scalable solution.

This is what Clesa did:

•They reached out to us to make the most out of the winter season sales
•We leveraged Clesa's UVP (Unique Value Proposition) & New Year FOMO
•Finally, we created a scalable lead gen solution with the help of Facebook Ads.


Generating leads and sales is a time consuming
and hectic process.

Getting Leads, But Fewer Conversions

These leads vanish into thin air once we send
quotes/estimates. No response!

Getting Conversions, But Low Profit Margin

These leads negotiate like their life depends on it.
Finally, they pay half the quoted price.


Problem Solving Ad Campaign
Our strategy is to show the dreadful challenges the consumers are experiencing with their obsolete water heaters on a daily basis and then highlight how HVAC systems from Clesa can fix all those problems. These ads were visible in different social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
Revamped Lead Generation
We've enhanced the Lead Generation strategy and partnered it with our Brand Awareness campaigns focusing on targeted audiences. The goal is to get maximum sales conversions at a minimal cost.
Exclusive Offer
After generating an unmatched quality of leads that resulted in higher sales conversion by retargeting website visitors and video viewers, a distinctive offer was given to these consumers exclusively. It includes the 300€ New Year Special Discount.

Collaterals Used

Attention grabbing creatives that helped us to get
more leads without spending more budget.


This is the by-product of a result driven marketing approach

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